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Product name

Multi-functional Water Hammer Elimination Check Valve

Product description

Multi-functional Water Hammer Elimination Check Valve


Multi-functional water hammer elimination check valve is a product of our company's innovation patent. Its innovative technology skillfully leverages fluid pressure to integrate the functions of valve switching, self-controlled check valves, and water hammer elimination into one. This series of valves is widely used in high-rise buildings, residential areas, and other water supply pipe network systems and urban water supply projects. It is suitable for clean media but not for media containing solid particles or having a high viscosity.

Functional characteristics: 

1、Automatic control check valve and water hammer elimination function (Full valve open mode)

   a. When applied to the water pump outlet of high-rise building water supply system and other water supply systems:

       The valve has self-control check and water hammer elimination technical characteristics, which can   effectively enhance the safety and reliability of the water supply system and prevent water hammer when the pump is on and off. It has the advantage of requiring no adjustment or maintenance. It can be installed and used without any debugging, regardless of whether it is applied to horizontal or vertical pipelines. During operation, the unique design structure is not affected by the water pressure, and regardless of how the system pressure and flow fluctuate, it can automatically adjust to the best slow closing state to ensure the smooth closing of the valve and the safe operation of the system. It achieves automatic control of the pipeline, making it more safe and reliable and ensuring the safe operation of the pipeline.

    b .When it is used in the water supply pipeline:

      When a sudden rupture occurs in the pipeline in the direction of the valve inlet, this valve can automatically close the backflow in the outlet direction, avoiding not only the danger of high-level backwater backflow but also excessive water waste.

2、Switch function (it can be used as a switch valve):

     This is a valve that does not require a handwheel. It only needs to rotate the knob on the valve, and with a small amount of force, it can control the valve’s opening and closing. This feature is particularly evident when operating large valves, as it saves time and effort.

     Its switching principle relies on the pressure of the fluid itself to achieve automatic switching.

     The valve also has the function of automatic pressure relief when used as an on-off valve. The impact force of the water head is very large when the pipeline sends water for the first time and can cause the water hammer phenomenon, which can lead to pipeline damage. The automatic pressure relief function of this valve can prevent this situation from happening. When the valve is closed and the water pump starts, the water head is suddenly pressurized, the valve can automatically release the impact energy of the water head and then immediately close automatically. This phenomenon ensures the safety of the valve and other pipeline components and guarantees the safety of the pipeline.


Size:  DN80、DN100、DN150、DN200、DN300

Material: Ductile Iron

Technical Data:

  Nominal pressure: 1.6MPa max; 

 Tested Pressure: Body 2.4MPa max, Seal 1.76MPa max;

 Suitable Medium: Clean Medium

 Application: Municipal Water Supply Network




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Multi-functional Water Hammer Elimination Check Valve