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Sagger is used for calcining all kinds of special powder such as lithium battery ternary materials especially 523,622, lithium cobalt oxides and other similar materials. In the firing process, the saggar shows the characteristics of high temperature resistance, no-sticking, no chemical reaction, long life and alkali resistance.


cutting wheel for metal, and grinding wheel for metal


Activated Carbon Coal Iodine(mg/g)min, Ash(%)max  Moisture(%)max  Methylene blue adsorption(mg/g)min  CCl4 adsorption(%)min 8x30mesh 700-10008-185160-23050-6512


Ceramic proppant/Petroleum Fracturing Proppant




Performances & Uses: Zirconium oxychloride is a white acicular crystal chemical, its molecular formula is ZrOCl2·8H2O, 6 crystal water will lose when heated to 150℃, and all crystal water will lose when heated to 210℃.   Soluble in water, methanol, ethanol, and ether, but insoluble in other organic solvents, slightly soluble in hydrochloric acid, water solution is acidic.        As an important basic raw material of metallurgy and chemical industries, Zirconium oxychloride can be used to make nuclear grade zirconium sponge and hafnium sponge. After further processing, they can be used as nuclear power and nuclear military applications of core materials and chemical equipment materials. Mainly used for high purity zirconia , zirconium carbonate, zirconium sulfate, zirconium nitrate and other dozens of zirconium compounds. Such as:        High purity zirconia, because zirconia ceramics have the advantages of high toughness, high bending strength and high wear resistance, excellent thermal insulation performance, the coefficient of thermal expansion is close to steel and other advantages,  it can be mainly used to manufacture mechanical parts, knives, tools, watchcase and other structural ceramics, biological ceramics(teeth, human joints, etc.), functional ceramics and other high-tech fields.      Zirconium sulfate and zirconium carbonate are two characteristic products in zirconium compound series. Zirconium sulfate mainly apply to a tanning agent for leather products, decolorizing agent for pharmaceutical industry, coating stabilizer, fiber primer and intermediate of other zirconium compounds, etc. Zirconium carbonate is the basic material to make zirconium salt, widely used in functional ceramics, structural ceramics, automobile tail gas treatment, light storage materials, leather, paper, cosmetics, paint drying agent and other high-tech fields, it is also the most economical raw material to produce ultrafine zirconium dioxide.   Overview of Zirconium Oxychloride Production Process:  After mixing zircon sand powders and carbon powders (Calcined petroleum coke or graphite powders, etc. ) according to certain proportion, add them into the boiling chlorination furnace, and chlorine gas should be injected at the same time. Under the condition of higher than 1200℃, zirconium tetrachloride and crude silicon tetrachloride are produced by the reaction. After process of hydrolysis, filtration, evaporation concentration, cooling crystallization, washing, and drying, we manufacture zirconium tetrachloride into a new product ----- zirconium oxychloride. After process of purification, we can manufacture zirconium tetrachloride into metal zirconium which can also be sold directly. Crude silicon tetrachloride can be sold directly after distillation and purification , it can also be used as raw material to produce fumed silica or polysilicon. By-product hydrochloric acid can be sold directly.    Fundamental of Zirconium Oxychloride Production Process: Zirconium tetrachloride is dissolved in water to form zirconium oxychloride solution and hydrochloric acid. By using the solubility of zirconium oxychloride in hydrochloric acid, as acidity increases, it decreases, as temperature increases , it increases too. To adjust the acidity  and temperature of a solution by means of evaporation and concentration, qualified products are prepared by precipitation of zirconium oxychloride crystals. The crystallization process is the impurity removal process, and other impurity elements are left in the crystalline mother liquor to achieve the purpose of purification.   Equation: ZrCl4  + 9H2O =ZrOCl2•8H2O↓+ 2HCl

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