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Product name

Rubber Gate Valve

Product description

Rubber Gate Valve

The Z45X—10/16 series rubber gate valve is a “non-leakage gate valve” independently researched, developed, and produced by our company. It is suitable for installation and use on fluid medium pipelines in various fields of industrial and agricultural production. It has the advantages of a unique structure, good sealing, durability and easy maintenance. This product has attained the advanced level in China and has been designated as a national-level innovative product.

Performance Features:


1. It adopts a double-layer O-ring sealing method, making the switch handwheel rotate flexibly, saving labor, and ensuring that no leakage occurs at that place.

2. The connection between the valve stem and the valve cover has an innovatively designed structure, and the U-shaped design positioning lock is adopted, which simplifies maintenance operations and facilitates parts replacement.

3. The valve clack is a metal core wrapped in rubber, and the seal between the valve clack and the valve body adopts a flat extrusion sealing method. This method completely eliminates the phenomenon of the gate being “wedged” and ensures a good seal performance.

4. The inner buckle length of the threaded connection between the valve stem and valve clack accounts for about 2/3 of the entire valve clack, avoiding the phenomenon of the valve stem falling off while also providing sufficient strength.


The parts of this product are interchangeable, making maintenance simple and convenient. If maintenance is required, the accessories can be replaced online, which greatly improves work efficiency and prevents problems brought to construction units and residents due to long-term water and power outages during valve maintenance. This saves the investment for new valve replacement, reduces the high construction cost, and prevents water wastage during valve replacement, complying with the national policy of resource conservation.


Sizes:  DN40、DN50、DN65、DN80、DN100、DN125、DN150、DN200

Material:Ductile Iron

Technical Data:

  Nominal Pressure: 1.6MPa max

  Tested Pressure:  Body 2.4MPa max, Seal 1.76MPa max

 Working Temperature: -200C to 950C

 Suitable Medium:  Water, Gas


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